Offer photos on the Internet and earn some extra money passively

The internet has changed the market. Self-employed people have opened up many new ways to make money. Some of them are even passive. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that many professions are increasingly focusing on the net.

One of these professions is photography. Both amateur and professional photographers can offer their photos online. The demand for images is high. Website operators alone are very interested in licenses.

After all, they cannot use just any image, but must first secure the rights. Otherwise warnings threaten. Photographers can take advantage of this and offer their images with non-exclusive or exclusive rights. With non-exclusive rights, the image can be sold any number of times.

With exclusive rights, on the other hand, the image can only be sold once - but for a higher price. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves what they prefer.

Offering photos online - these options existMost

photographers who sell photos online use stock photo providers for this purpose. The principle is quite simple.

An account is created and then as many images can be uploaded. With most providers, the photos can only be offered with non-exclusive rights. If the sale is successful, the photographer receives a percentage of the sales price. With some stock photo providers this increases from a certain status.

The profit per image is not exactly high, but the reach of the providers is enormous. With good photos, it is possible that a high sum comes together through numerous individual sales. Those who do not want to stick to a stock photo provider, can also sell their photos through their own online shop. However, setting up such a shop requires a lot of work and is definitely not a no-brainer.

Here, too, it is important to stand out from the competition. Not to mention that the online shop has to be set up first. If you want to save on programming, you can do it through e-commerce companies. Some of them offer solutions for online shop operators.

Setting up a webshop is very easy and is usually based on a drag-and-drop system. In addition, the provider takes over tasks such as the management of sales processes. A monthly fee is usually charged for these services and a percentage amount must be paid for successful sales.

What to consider when selling photosTo

offer images online, it is important to have the copyrights to them.

Otherwise there are legal consequences. Therefore, a declaration of consent must be obtained for photos of private persons or private property. Otherwise the photographer is on thin ice. It is also important that the pictures have a high quality.

Otherwise, it is almost impossible to prevail against the existing competition. A few years ago this was easier. Nowadays, however, many photographers have realized that it pays to sell photos online. Accordingly, the market has become tougher, but it is still possible to make money with photos.

However, it is important to choose the motifs carefully. Motifs with high demand, which are not served by the existing offer, are a potential source of income. Motifs where there is obviously an oversupply, on the other hand, are only interesting in rare cases. By the way, it is important to post-process the photos with an image editing program in order to present them better to customers.

The quality must be right.

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