5 steps to breathe new life into your brand

With the coming of spring, existential questions were on both sides... What are the clothes I have to get rid of? What about all those plans I had at the end of the year? Does the path I'm on really suit me? From time to time, it's good to take stock. But why limit yourself to your personal life? Just like your wardrobe, your image may need a refresh. Here are 5 steps that will allow you to get back on a solid footing without losing your current customers.

1) Gauge the visual aspect of your brandIn

an idyllic world, appearances wouldn't matter.

In the real world, it doesn't. The first criterion for judging prospects is the aesthetics of your brand. Graphic charter, logo and typography are all elements to attract or repel your target. Why do you think special care should be given to the visual identity of the brand ? For the customer experience to be successful, your brand must reflect your values while remaining in the spirit of the times.

2) Make sure you're on the right trackA

brand is not a fixed object in time.

Fashions change, desires evolve and people's expectations are no longer the same from one generation to the next. Without denying your essence, it is crucial that your brand can adapt to the risk of becoming obsolete.observe your market. What are the major trends influencing it? How can you adapt them to your product or service? Once you have defined your target, determine the path to follow and stick to it.

3) Accept criticismFinally

, the judges are your prospects and customers. Check out the reviews left on websites about your products.

Don't be blinded by negative comments. If you're looking at the web, you'll be able to really know what people think of you, and you'll be able to see where you're currently not doing well.

4) Evaluate your marketing materials

Poorly crafted marketing materials will undermine even the best brand thinking. Your social networks, flyers and banners say more than you think... If you find that your conversion rate drops drastically after a trade show, it's probably because the message was poorly delivered.

Another element to watch carefully is the return on advertising spend. Properly conducted, advertising translates into revenue. If this is not the case, there is a problem...

5) Keep an open mind

Just because Plan A didn't work doesn't mean it should end up in the trash. Sometimes, it only takes a slight change or reorientation to realize that behind this failure lies a treasure...

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