Artificial intelligence in combating disease

Some studies are pointing to artificial intelligence as a potential ally in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Check it out. Several international and national articles, including those on the Royal Vegas blog, have shown the public how artificial intelligence is evolving and its potential to improve our experiences and simplify our lives. The application of artificial intelligence is, in fact, being made in various sectors, and even today we can find it in various companies, from very varied and distinct sectors.At a time when public health issues are making their mark, the potential uses of artificial intelligence to combat diseases and, especially, infectious diseases, seems to be a very pertinent narrative.

There are several ways in which artificial intelligence is being used to combat diseases around the globe. Artificial intelligence can be used to predict

outbreaks and

diagnose disease. Once the problem is identified, it becomes easier to act to prevent it or move on to forms of treatment, which can also be motivated by this type of technology, since AI will be able to test the percentage of accuracy of treatments, guiding research and the application of drugs.In addition to all this, the management of requests for medical assistance can also be improved by AI and, in the future, it is expected that drones can facilitate the delivery of drugs in people's own homes, preventing the sick person from having to go out on the street, taking more risks and putting other people's lives at risk. The same process can be done for the delivery of other essential products, such as food, and this technology has even been tested by delivery services.

Other ways artificial intelligence can helpAs

long as all the above points demonstrate how this technology will mark the future of medicine, by identifying diseases and supporting diagnoses and treatments, its application in other sectors can also help ensure our health.A technology aimed at improving textile protection, including surgical masks, is currently being tested by an Israeli company.

In addition, the vaccine world may also be changing with the emergence of computer resources and supercomputers capable of supporting researchers throughout the process, to ensure the acceleration of vaccine creation processes to combat various viruses. These computers, with their use of artificial intelligence, will be able to model new solutions and perform all the necessary calculations faster, which should result in better and faster solutions, motivating new discoveries to fight diseases.

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