Roulette oddities, the queen of the casinos

In the middle of the 17th century it was the famous Blas or Blaise Pascal who created the game that is popularly known as Roulette. Originally this pastime lacked the number 0 (zero) and consisted of 36 figures to bet on. Today this is one of the most popular entertainment in casinosPascal was a mathematician, thinker and also the author of the Theory of Probabilities. Known for his genius when combining numbers, he only left the final results to chance, so the combination of game options is one of the most balanced for the gambler (odd pair, red black, columns, dozens) and guarantees benefits to the bank, that is, the casino.

Difficult but not impossibleWhen

you win a full house by matching the number that will come out of 36 the zero is multiplied by 36.If a person in a casino bets 100 euros on roulette and wins he will pocket 3600 euros; if he played the full house on another number and won again he would get almost 130,000 euros and so on.

Statistically it's hard to win twice so it's even harder to win three times, but nothing is impossible.

The zero: from red/black to greenThe

first roulettes used at the end of 1790 in the casinos of Paris with the Palais Royale, used the red for the zero and the black to mean "double" zero. The problem was that, this chromatic differentiation lent itself to confusion, so in the 1800s it was decided that green would be the background color of a single roulette zero.

The Devil's "Tail"

It is said that when there is a lot of luck related to some kind of activity it is because the devil gets his tail into it. The most superstitious people attribute to the "Evil", the fact of being lucky when playing and winning to the roulette, since the sum of the 36 numbers (plus the zero) that compose a roulette table, add up to exactly 666, which is considered the demonic number par excellence.

Bond and rouletteThe

famous detective James Bond created by the English novelist and journalist Ian Fleming and characterized by a great number of famous actors, has always opted for 17 when betting on roulette. Besides being a prime number, this figure is in the center of the table, it is odd, its background is black and it is believed to be the one that receives the most bets in all online and physical casinos in the world.

Double or nothingA

bet in color and odd or even implies that, if you win, you double the money you risked.

A young man sold all his goods and bet on red the amount obtained, with such luck that he left the casino with more than 230000 euros, besides leaving the croupier very happy, who benefited from the remaining "peak", about 600 euros that the lucky young man gave him as a tip.

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