What start-up founders have to pay attention to with their homepage

What start-up founders need to pay attention to when designing their homepageOnce the first stress of the founding phase is over, it is time to improve the basis for marketing your own products and services. Of course, brand building and marketing in this day and age is mainly done via the Internet. With a good homepage, you not only have your business card on the internet, but depending on the industry, you can also start selling directly over the net. Many founders are great experts in their own field and an expert for online marketing or web design is rarely in the budget, especially in the first months.

So what do you need to look out for when putting the first version of a homepage on the internet? Where are the subtleties and where the stumbling blocks?The own homepage - what it must fulfill in the basis?A page on the Internet is today more than just a simple platform for advertising or marketing products. It is the starting point for successful marketing on the net and the place where visitors always end up in the best case when they have found information about one's own company somewhere on the web. Therefore, the site naturally also fulfils important tasks around brand building. It therefore already starts with the use of one's own CI when building the homepage.

The use of colors, shapes and fonts should be consistent whenever you aim for external contact. This also applies to the design of the website, which should be kept in this CI. Even if the homepage does not play a major role in one's own marketing considerations for the time being, one should position oneself for the future. Before, for example, all efforts around the search engine optimization show a clear benefit can anyway pass quite a while.

Therefore, you should focus on good content right from the start. What is the company about? Who are the people involved? What is the philosophy? Especially if the site is also used, for example, to find new staff, here must be high-quality information with a corresponding added value.Marketing and legal aspects of the website for start-upsThere are some areas of a homepage that belong to the absolute obligation. There is, for example, the contact form, with which visitors can get in touch with the operator and entrepreneur in case of questions or suggestions. But even more important is the imprint.

Here all legally relevant data are deposited. In Germany, there is an imprint obligation, so you should use an appropriate tool to display all the important data and then fill them but on their own homepage.In the long term, the website should always be maintained, even if it does not play a major role in the first few months of the company. Quality content will create a positive ranking over time, which can then be incorporated into all online marketing efforts. Topics like search engine optimization and social media marketing become important to every business at some point.

Those who rely on these basics from the beginning will have corresponding advantages at their disposal later on.

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